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TestingOnline utilizes surveys conducted on the web and via email to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of new and existing products and services from a consumer point-of-view .

TestingOnline utilizes the technology of the Internet's World Wide Web to enable marketers to determine the perceptions, attitudes, motivations and behavior of current and potential customers in an efficient and economical way.

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In the past, marketers have conducted surveys via interviews either in-person; by telephone; or, through the mail. Online interviewing has very distinct advantages over these traditional methodologies:

Speed. The amount of time to complete a study from design through interviewing, tabulation and report is considerably shorter because data is inputted directly into and processed automatically and instantaneously by computer.

Cost. The efficiency of computer-conducted interviewing (rather than a using a live interviewer) results in cost savings. The ability to recruit respondents via email and for them to participate from their own home or office also reduces costs.

Convenience. Respondent's can answer questions at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Quality of Data. It has been shown that answering questions with the anonymity provided by the Internet enhances honesty and candor, maximizing the validity of the data. It is now estimated that over 60% of the U.S. population over 18 years or age representing over 85% of consumer dollars spent, has Internet access. Coupled with the higher cooperation rates obtained in online surveys, sample representativeness is enhanced vs. traditional methodologies.

Simple. All that is needed by each respondent is a standard Internet connection utilizing a standard browser such as Microsoft Explorer or Firefox.

Please E-mail Ray M. Mayeri or Harriet Mayeri With Any Questions.

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